private and group music lessons


Our main piano room contains an acoustic Kawai piano. It is regularly tuned, maintained, and attached with a humidfier. It is also equipped with a Yamaha keyboard.  

The strings room is stocked with an acoustic guitar, violins in varying sizes, and an upright piano.

Percussion room is equipped with Roland TDK11 electronic drumset, providing volume control and the ability to vary the sounds that can be used during lessons. The room is also equipped with hand held percussive instruments such as the tambourine, triangle, rhythm sticks, and maracas. Bongos and cajun are available to be used. In addition, an upright piano is also availably for use during lessons, as well as a Yamaha digital piano.

All rooms are equipped with a full length mirror used for any vocal preparation or technical work on instrumental lessons. Rooms are also equipped with speakers or stereo system for audio outputs.


Private Lessons:

Private lessons are one-on-one with the student and the teacher. In this setting, the student will learn music theory, note reading, ear training, and instrumental technique. Proper practice techniques will also be discussed.

15 minutes

30 minutes

45 minutes

60 minutes

Group Lessons:

Group lessons consist of a minimum of two students and a maximum of four students. This is a general setting where basic music theory and note reading will be applied. Once the students graduate from group lessons, they can transfer to private lessons where they can apply their basic knowledge of music.

30 minute lesson

Pay As You Go Lessons:

This program consists of the same direction as private lessons with no commitment. This is flexible scheduling and a tailored lesson plan according to the student's goals.