private and group music lessons

We emphasize the importance of participation in our yearly recitals, concerts, and competitions.



We host about two concerts a year in different venues and participate in the MAMTG competition. 

Every year, we host a holiday music and dinner concert where all students, families and friends can attend to listen to what the students have been learning. Afterwards, everyone enjoys a hot pasta dinner. In the summertime, we host an outdoor recital. All students, families, and friends are welcomed to participate and/attend. Afterwards, there is a BBQ for everyone to enjoy.


In the springtime, our students participate in the MAMTG competition held in the East Hanover Marriott. This is a three day festival consisting of a variety of instrument and vocal competitions. Here the students have the opportunity to perform in front of a judge, other students, and an audience. Upon completion, students receive certificate and commentary for each performance. If the students are involved in any competitive performance, they have the opportunity to place 1st - 5th place and potentially receive a trophy.

Concerts and competitions are a great way to emphasize the important of practicing. All of our students benefit from achieving a goal every semester. At the end of the year, the director evaluates the students' progress through these different events and written and performance test.